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02-08-2017, 04:31 PM
Good Afternoon Guys,

Have been recommended to you guys from Gerry over at the US version of MYCNCUK.

We're a UK based company that converts Volkswagen Transporters into motorhomes/campervans. www.premiumcamper.de

We also have a new CNC machine from china the OMNI 3040, Had a few start up problems but its now finally up and running (ish)

However we cannot work out how to fix the AUTO TOOL ZERO tool function to work with our machine and board (Chinese board)

Tried a variety of things and two wireless probes later :yahoo: and we're still no further into getting this function working.

Is there anyone local to Cornwall that is very experienced within the CNC industry we would love for you to come and help us out! (Obviously pay for your time) Any help is greatly appreciated.


Tim @ Premiumcamper.de