View Full Version : Where to buy plywood veneer in UK?

14-09-2017, 07:45 PM
Hi all,

where do you buy plywood and veneer for laser cutting?
I am very interested in bamboo, walnut etc of 3mm for my crafts.
Can be anywhere in UK if sale online or anywhere in London.

Found few myself, but they are asking about 15 for a4 size bamboo sheet, which is not very reasonable :)

Many thanks

14-09-2017, 08:09 PM

i think it is london, maybe they can help

14-09-2017, 08:34 PM
If we want veneer thin sheet timber we buy birch plywood from Jennor timber which is in Enfield and Ruislip (it's also available in lots of other places.) It comes in 0.8mm thickness upwards and in 4'x4' sheets. It's really beautiful stuff not so cheap though. I think 30 to 40 a sheet. If we want to lasercut thicker ply we buy laserply from the same supplier. Laserply has less layers and cuts easily with less charring on the edges. Laser cutting quality birch ply in thicknesses over 6mm on our machine is pretty slow and so charrs badly it routes better than lasercutting. If you want to lasercut walnut, you could try buying veneered plywood or veneered fibreboard which is sold in 4mm thickness so should cut ok. We cut MDF 2 to 9mm a lot it's cheap and cuts really well particularly in the thinner sections although gets messy and you should have proper extraction.