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18-09-2017, 01:08 PM
Hi all
Been playing with an old Clarke cmd1225 mill that someone had started to add cnc to. It worked but was very basic plus the pirated mach3 wasn't up to much. Anyway, I added limit switches and a host of other little tweaks plus started to learn fusion 360 then bought a mach3 license. I then had to install the latest version and whilst I thought I had the settings backed up apparently I hadn't. Oops! This led to a lot of setup learning but eventually I got it running enough to try cutting some ally. I tentatively lowered the cut whilst watching carefully and all was well until it took a bite through the stock that was a chip too far. I got to the emergency stop as the motor stalled - phew. I now have a patented cutter that cuts round corners, ok, just a bent cutter to you and I.
Problem is, seems I caught a bug. I collected a Boxford 250pc and 300 vmc at the weekend. Wow, these things are big and very heavy. Getting them home is another story suffice to say I now know what an exploding castor wheel sounds like. Neither have a pc so the aim is to mach3 both
Good old winter projects. More posts soon hopefully.
Does anyone have any experience with either of these boxford machines and mach3?

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