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19-09-2017, 09:13 PM

I've recently moved to smaller premise and i'm instantly noticing the plasma fumes, much more noticable that mig fumes, even though I have a water table on my cnc table.

I'm wondering where is the best place to extract from, the width of hood and fan size. I can either add a hood at the cutter or make a larger hood to cover the whole 4x 4 table and extract from a single apex point. Currently have a lot of 6" 150mm hose should that be a good diameter.

Any ideas or links welcome.


21-01-2018, 04:50 PM

I suggest the following

Face area of table 2.5M x 1.25M x 0.75 = 2.34m3/s or 8437.5 m3/hr

That would give a fan and ducting size of 630mm diameter.

The 0.75 m/s comes from the HSE recommendation for venting of plasma tables.

I went for something smaller as I did not want to cut that size hole in the wall, so I went for 500mm diameter and uprated the fan to move more pressure. It's louder but I can vary the speed as required.

I vented from under the table, to prevent the finish face from discolouring etc.

21-01-2018, 11:08 PM
How does your table work?
Industrial tables usually have water baths which significantly reduce emissions to the workspace.

22-01-2018, 12:58 PM
That's great advice, thanks.

I currently use a water table, which is a 100% necessity with plasma. TBH I use the plasma infrequently but when its on it runs on and off all day. i'll probably have to use a standard 300mm dia hose because thats the max exhaust size I can use to the outside. Will extend the hood and fan power accordingly.