View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Looking for some advice please

23-09-2017, 08:05 AM
Hi everyone, I've been a machinist for the last 20 years, on cnc for about 17 of those. For the last 10 years I've been programming with cadcam as well as setting and operating on small batches and prototype sort of work.

I'm now looking at jobs which are just cnc programmer as I enjoy that side of it and also the money is much better. Just wondering if anyone could offer some advice to me if possible. I'm just wondering what sort of things I need to take into account for the new role. Obviously I'm used to just sending a program to myself to prove out, would I still prove it or would a setter usually do everything? Sometimes, at present, I'm rushing and send an erroneous program but as it's me proving it I catch it before it goes wrong. Would that be a normal work through or would I need 100% of the time to post out good code? I'm just trying to get an idea in my mind before I go to an interview. Is there anything else I should know? Thanks for your help.