View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Need Help with my new CNC 3040 Machine.

27-09-2017, 12:14 AM
Hi everyone.
I got my 3040 CNC up and running a few weeks ago using the Mach3 demo.
The machine was working fine for me untila few nights ago. I turned the machine on and it made a noise and I could smell a bit of burning.
I have no clue what happened or how to troubleshoot it. The spindle spins no problem but it wont move when I press up down left or right on the keyboard.
If I start a gcode it wont move either.
I got replies on another forum stating that 'If the spindle powers on fine but the axis doesn't move, then it sounds like the driver IC itself has died. This will be the larger chip, usually with a heatsink attached. I'm guessing the driver board for this machine is TB6560 based or similar? If so, unfortunately these drivers are pretty much garbage and prone to blowing if a specific power on/off sequence isn't followed'.

So im thinking about buying a Gecko G540 board.
Has anyone put this on a 3040 cnc machine? Could anyone give me advice on what to do.