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17-08-2009, 03:06 PM
Hello everyone.
I am quite new to the world of CNC machining and have only just discovered this site. I have read quite a few messages with peoples cnc problems and questions and really do feel for them.... all I can say is keep going!! I got a bee in my bonnet in March this year, which is when I first discovered what a CNC router was .... I had to get one.... I was hooked. I set about finding a machine and after a bit of looking I decided on a company called ROUTOUT CNC based in Wales. Long story short.... the machine is brilliant.... can't fault it....the chap there is called Mike Gaylor, without him I wouldn't be at the stage I'm at now. I went there in April to pick up the machine and receive half a days training. I can't impress how much he taught me in a few hours, I went in a complete novice.... I mean a COMPLETE NOVICE having never even seen a CNC in the flesh before and came away with a fantastic machine which I could basically work. Now its 4 months later, I have taught myself the basics of some design software called Rhino 3d and made a small amount of money making scratchplates for a guitar parts company. I have now also finished my own bass guitar which I gigged for the first time on Saturday. I made the whole guitar on the Routout Z90L .... neck, finger board and body. I am really chuffed with it, so whatever stage you are at..... just keep on, because the feeling you get when you have created something purposeful is fantastic. Although I must say that I really needed help to progress and don't think that I would be anywhere near the stage I am at now without the help of Mike from Routout, It got to the stage where I was getting embarassed to ask him yet another question, but he was there every step of the way. What a bonus to be able to speak to the man that actually made your machine..... Give him a ring and see what I mean! (01269 841230) so glad I did't go to China or Germany!

17-08-2009, 03:59 PM

Welcome to the forum.

That is indeed a positive story and congratulations on your perseverance through the learning curve. It is a steep one, especially for those of us who have not come from an engineering background (and even for some who have)!

It is also good to hear a positive recommendation for a product. Its all to easy to be negative. You did the right thing by going and trying it out and getting all the information you could about it.

Now, as they say on these pages "this thread is no good without pictures". We love 'em. So please take some time to put up pictures of your machine, the products you've made and even hopefully a video of the beast in action.

And then tell us about your next project...