View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Newbie CNC machinist in Portsmouth

12-10-2017, 12:19 PM
Hi all, glad to have finally registered on the forum.

After a month or so of research and designing a 8x4' cnc router for my propmaking workshop, i chickened out and bought a second hand chinese 4x4'. It's actually been better than expected and i've run a few carving operations through it while i'm learning. A few years back i had a decent 6040 running Mach3, so getting back up to speed this time was only really slowed down by the shonky NCStudio setup on this new one.

Now, having finished carving a prototype rifle stock last week which all went off without a hitch, i've turned on the machine to discover an inactive Y axis. Driver (JMC 2M542-N) shows red light. I've swapped the Y jumpers over to the X driver and the Y motor turns and the gantry tracks, so not a binding issue.

Ideally i'd like to solve this problem and convert over to Mach3 at the same time, so i'm wondering if anyone in the Portsmouth area is interested in popping over to advise on that. I'm no electrician (that's what put me off building from scratch), so i'd rather pay someone to make my problem go away :) Any takers?

07738 474960