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01-11-2017, 09:22 PM
Hi, and thanks for letting me join.

I have been involved first hand, with CNC Machines only for about a year.
We started using our machines to cut down on the time taken to get a prototype made.

Still getting my head round som of the software, not at intuitive as using 3D cad LOL.

I have also posted in the manufacturing news section of this group, as we are looking for CNC Shops to manufacture for us.

We launched a new product range at th TCT show at the NEC, just gone and canít cope with demand and shipping costs, this is why we are looking for LOCAL people to help us and the end user.

Anyway, enough rambling, I look forward to contributing on a regular basis and probably asking many questions.

Cheers Brian

02-11-2017, 09:27 AM
Is it easy to lift off the main body of your covers for access around the machine for maintenance or does the printer have to be taken out of the enclosure to access the sides and rear?

02-11-2017, 09:35 AM

No its easy to maintain the printer, but generally we just open up the front door and gain access that way, if the issue is more drastic, the top just lifts off and you can lift the 3D printer right out.
If you look at our website, in one of the images, (I think:)) you will see the yellow spool holder and there is sufficient room to get at the wiring etc, as you can move the printer around.
It was designed to keep the heat in, and we print ABS with a standard nozzle and standard heat bed, we have printed like this for nearly a year with the machine running 8 hours a day 5 day a week.
Brilliant result too.

02-11-2017, 10:21 AM
Hi Brian,

Are you the Father or the Son?

Spoke to you regarding the covers toward the end of the show. Looking forward to how you get on.

(George and Nick from Emvio engineering)

Kind regards

02-11-2017, 10:38 AM

Yes we did meet at TCT, great response.

We are now in a position where we need to find 'Devolved Manufacturing' as we need to reduce the carriage costs for our products, otherwise we will not gain tractinon in other countries, everyone loves the design and it's functionality, but because of the material it's constructed from, it weighs al lot, one case wrapped is 30kg !!!! for us to ship in the UK is not too bad, but everywhere else, its up in the £100 -£200 mark, this makes our product too expensive.

It took 2 years to work out the best material to use and we cant change it now!!

Nice to talk to you again, we will try to keep in touch.

If you know of any CNC shops who would want to purchase a set of files from us, please let them know, the B-to-B side of the UK 'might' be sewn-up by 'Technology Outlet', but the B to Consumer market is bigger and would make someone a chunk of money.

Cheers Brian