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The link
13-11-2017, 04:09 PM
Hi all,
Im burning my brain with all this and need some advice.

Ive changed my mind so many times with this. Basicly want a aluminium plate maker desktop size for home but also thinking use it for plasma cutting steel. I have enough parts to build a few machines but refuse to drop 10-30 a plate for them, specially needing so many. Plan is to build 1 that makes playes for the rest, then move onto what I want, carbon fibre cutting.

I have
1605 500mm ballscrew and nut "need plates/supports."
4x 400mm t8
16x 2020 t slot 500mm
4x 2040 t slot 400mm
4x 2040 t slot 350mm
4x 2040 t slot 250mm
10x 2040 v slot 500mm
9x nema 23
4x stepsyn 56mm
8x nema 17
4x nema 14
4x nema 17 mount plate "flat type." need 23s.
8x cheap nema 17 L mounts
4x nema 23 cheap L mounts
10x delrin m5 wheels "need cheap eccentrics cant get robbed like that."
9x m3 wheels
4x m5 150mm smooth rods
1x 8x300 smooth rod
3x ramps boards and arduino unos with drivers.
1x Nodemcu lua
4x m5x500 threaded rod
4x m8x500 threaded rods
4x m12x500mm threaded rods
4x m6x1000mm threaded rods
1x 1000w 80A psu
1x 2x 15A atx
I have quite a bit more then this but just trying to sort it all out and make groups of parts. I have 2 3d printers I goto wire up that can print some parts but Im no good with repetier and flashing boards ect. If any one can help with that feel free to pm.

Now I see c beam and other builds and cant make my mind up..

Few questions
What spindles will cut carbon fibre and aluminium plates? slow is fine.

What would you build if you had the listed parts? Please go ahead and show me pics if you can too or direct me.

Any one able to cut plates here and help out as thats were im kind of stuck as I need so many
Or have a China seller that will take paypal.

I will pop back and check for replies. I will do some pics as im in middle of getting everything out and in groups. Think I can do atleast 4 builds here depending on frames but I do want 1 solid machine for plate making.

Thanks in advance.

Lee Roberts
18-11-2017, 10:39 PM
Humm a desktop sized plasma cutting machine....is it worth it?

The link
20-11-2017, 02:54 PM
I was asking advice.
Ye why not. 500mm square for 300mm square plates. Module throw it in garden and fireworks. Then pull it in and 3d print with it.

I copped more but you aint really replying to what I asked and is one the reasons I dont use fb or forums. Thats nore of a negative comment then help or advice so il ask else were in fact I have already.