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25-11-2017, 04:44 PM
Moving house and with that I lose my workshop at the bottom of my garden.
Looking for a "silent" air compressor that wont piss next door off.

This looks to be the best priced one at 210 using the "medical style" compressors that is around 1.5HP, https://www.aimtools.co.uk/products/241185?variant=29551230215

Any other suggestions? This one I linked is about 20% lower CRF but at 70dB instead of 4x louder ar 98-103dB that is fine...

Specs on the one I linked (for some reason they don't have them on the site...?)

Power: 1100W/1.5HP
Frequency: 50Hz
Voltage: 220V
Speed: 1400rpm
Tank Capacity : 50L
Noise level :69db
Working Pressure :8BAR/ 116psi
Exhaust volume: 90L/Min/3.cfm
Air Supply: 135L/Min4.767cfm
CE Approved.
Connection size: 1/4" BSP
Suitable hose:5*8MM
Gross weight:37.5KG
It is Oil Free compressor.
Start instantaneous power: 2520W.
Net weight:37kg

25-11-2017, 07:35 PM
It just so happens I was looking at compressors yesterday, as I've just ordered a vacuum table for the mill, and can't bear the thought of listening to the 3hp combined motor/pump rattling away much more. Plus it's now got that much piston leakage it blows the dipstick out once it reaches about 7 bar :rolleyes:

I was searching to see if you can get smaller screw compressors that run on single phase, which you can, however you'll need to at least add an extra zero onto the price of the one you've listed, for a 2.2KW one.

It all depends on how much air you require.
I still need to find a suitable calculator to see just how big a compressor I'll need, but I've not got that far yet.

I'm also considering rigging a hydrovane into the existing compressor tank, as I have a 1.5hp tankless one buried somewhere, but not sure if it'll provide enough air.

25-11-2017, 10:16 PM
I saw this one, single phase, but it's still expensive, I'm sure you have seen it too. At 2.2kw maybe still feasible for home use, if you have the dough.


I am looking for something quiet and affordable just for the mist system, something like the first OP link.

25-11-2017, 11:28 PM
I never noticed that screw compressor, but it was the ABAC floor one I was looking at from that same website, as I've at least heard of ABAC, so hopefully spares will be available should they be needed.

I ideally need a vertical tank, unless I build a lean to outside, or stick it up in the rafters. The main reason I was considering a screw, was for the better efficiency and far quieter running, but I'm going to see how I get on with the hydrovane first. Going by the figures (4.3CFM at 10bar), it should provide more than enough air for the vacuum table.

26-11-2017, 10:07 AM
I got the largest Hydrovane that would run on 240 supply(15PUTS)
Free Air Delivery @ 7Bar - l/sec (ft3/min) 4.5 (9.5)
Free Air Delivery @ 10Bar - l/sec (ft3/min) 3.53(7.5)
Literature says quietest air compressors on the market (have had mine since 1986) so might not be the case now.
Don't know where you are locating it but mine is in my shed, too much load to start in really cold weather, if i am desperate to use it i preheat with hot air gun.piston compressor might not have this limitation?

26-11-2017, 10:52 AM
Scroll compressors are quiet. Less than 60dB.

Just an idea.


26-11-2017, 11:45 AM
Scroll compressors are quiet. Less than 60dB.

Just an idea.


Seem to be very similar noise wise to screw and vane compressors.
This screw in 2.2kw flavour is listed as 60dB - http://www.fps-compressors.co.uk/fleming_fixed_speed_oil_less_scroll_compressors.ht ml
That 2.2KW ABAC screw I mentioned above is listed as 61dB

Although having checked, the hydrovane is the noisiest at 69dB, which is the same as the compressor in the first post.

26-11-2017, 06:56 PM
From the looks of it, the one I linked is the best bet at the price point one is looking at.

I put a RFQ on Alibaba to see if I could pick a couple of the higher powered motors off there but its the weekend...
Going to order the one linked in the OP I think.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

26-11-2017, 08:22 PM
Yes, I think it's a nice little one for the price.

I was looking at the Bambi with similar specs, although the claimed decibels are only 54db. That's just normal conversation volume, but it's double the price.


Let us know how you find it once you buy it.

29-11-2017, 11:19 PM
Okay so this thing arrived the other day and wow.
Can hardly hear it. It is like a big cat purring.

Ill do a video tomorrow comparing both this and my standard old one.
Well worth the money!

Had only one supplier on Alibaba reply to my RFQ.
For two 1500w motors, 320 excluding customs.

Each 1500w pump is $95 - ~71.
$245 for DHL air freight.
Obviously importing 20-50 of these in a half container would bring cost per motor down a lot but I am not in that business (unless if people want some, then I am :p)


550w - $53
750w - $59
1100w - $85
1500w - $94

You can get them in 240v, 120v and apparently 400v..
They spec around 16kg

29-11-2017, 11:58 PM
Are you saying that in the end you bought it from the UK suppliers and not from Alibaba?

Looking forward to seeing your video and your impressions.


30-11-2017, 12:05 AM
Are you saying that in the end you bought it from the UK suppliers and not from Alibaba?

Looking forward to seeing your video and your impressions.


I bought from the link in my OP that yes is in the UK.

I posted a RFQ on Alibaba for the motors just to get an idea on the price of these things.