View Full Version : RFQ: CNc lathe job required, aluminum

Boyan Silyavski
07-12-2017, 11:39 PM

i need 8x of these 2 pieces for a friend. Any aluminum.Not super precise, surface finish could be sanding paper. But center holes must be at center and reamed 8mm. basically 30mm high, one is 70mm OD, other is 50mm OD.

Long story short, i promised a friend i will do it for him on the CNC and then sand it on the lathe. I am busy, job is difficult and time consuming to do it on my machine. Could be done on a mill also, just center holes have to be reamed

Will be more orders in very near future, by the 24x each time. This is just a test.

Price is concern, concentricity is concern, finish and precision are not a big concern. 30.00 / +-0.05/ mm height.

Come on people, help me here with this one! Give me a quick quote, do not invest much time thinking it, so i speak with my friend and later concretize it.

It could be on a normal lathe if you find a way to do the same shape repeatedly

23336 23337 23338