View Full Version : FOR SALE: Complete CNC plasma control system with THC from CandCNC.com

09-12-2017, 12:06 PM
Complete CNC plasma control system with THC from CandCNC.com

Plaspak plasma kit supplied by CandCNC.com
A complete CNC plasma control system with Torch Height Control.
It is a MACH3 system.
This was bought in late 2014 and only parts of it used. It has been rebuilt to original spec.
It was only used for 3 months has been in a box since.
There are a number of spare cards and 1 spare used motor.
There are 4 new motors with 5m echain quality cable.
The PC, keyboard and mouse and all cabling are included. (not the monitor).
The PC has licensed copies of Mach3 and Sheetcam.
Mach3 is set up ready to run.
There are cables to connect straight into a Hypertherm powermax plasma system.

The manuals can be found here to download.

see video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv30KSHFw5o

The spares are as follows
I/O board
DTHC4 card
ESS ethernet card
620oz/in motor
The original cost of this kit was over $3000 (dollars).

1500 or nearest offer.