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10-12-2017, 12:10 PM
Hi everyone, just thought that I'd introduce myself, I've been woodworking for several years, making things such as Greg Klassen style coffee tables, end grain chopping boards and many segmented wood turnings. I've also built many jigs for clamping items and for my table saw and a full size drum sander. For a while I've thought of a diy CNC machine and so I've learned the basics of Fusion 360 and have come up with a design that I'll post in a seperate thread. Some initial uses for my machine would be making curvy coffee tables legs easier to produce, cutting segments for turnings and wood gears for clocks. I would also like to at some point add a 4th rotary axis to make for example spindles. I've gathered a few basic tools such as counterbore drills, taps and tap wrench and various drills for the taps. I've also scored a few items from ebay such as the blue marking out fluid, granite surface plate, angle plates, a Veritas optical centre punch and a lovely Mitutoyu height gauge for the accurate marking out and drilling of the aluminium plates that I'd need. I also got an Irwin aluminium cutting blade for my table saw and tried a few aluminium cuts using my crosscut sled, and it seemed to cut easier that some hardwoods, such as oak and african blackwood. Anyhow thats more than enough from me.