View Full Version : Herbert 2D 6 turret lathe with pegboard control and hydraulics

12-12-2017, 12:07 PM
Hi all,

thought I'd share with you this relic from a different era..

I work with a machine shop that has a 1970 Turret lathe, Herbert, Model 2D, 6-turret, with peg board control, bar feed and hydraulics feed. This pegboard must be one of the early forms of CNC, the pegs are resistors that allow you to program a sequence, it's so old school that I tell this guy this should be in a museum!

He uses it sometimes, works all right though it could use some hydraulics servicing and general tidying up. Do you guys think it's worth updating it? Does it have any value as it is?


john swift
12-12-2017, 05:20 PM
Is it one of the early EMI-MEC Nichols controls using a Uniselector or a later version with the array of 48v Dc relays replacing the uniselector ??

if I remember correctly the electronic dwell timers us the 2N2046
unijunction transistor

the yellow programing pins have a diode inside
at each step multiple pins can be plugged in to power several relays and solenoid valves
the diodes form a diode "OR" gate to prevent the +48V from one step of uniselector (or later sequencing circuit) back feeding to other step outputs