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24-12-2017, 02:00 PM
I brought a fairly inexpensive 6040 from Ebay - Germany (China seller) and although happy with the basic machine I have been trying to get PWM spindle control and direction to work. I also want to add some limit switches. The trouble is i'm really struggling to work out if I can connect to this board and if so what port / pins to use in Mach3

I managed to get one relay to fire using Port 1 pin 7 just through trial and error, but cannot get any change in voltage through the pin labelled 0-10v it's just stuck at 9.9v.

Can anyone identify this board or have you used one previously? I would like to keep using it if I can as it seems to have all needed. So just before I look at changing the control board and adding Motor controllers I thought I would ask around and see if anyone knows the board.


Many thanks and happy Christmas to all.


24-12-2017, 09:39 PM
Hi Simon I’m not sure what the board is, but as far as the set up goes have a look at my blog it might help

25-12-2017, 02:01 AM
At some point you will have an issue with one axis or another, you could save a lot of grief and make fault diagnosis far simpler by buying separate break-out board (with spindle control options) and axis controllers.
I started with a 5-axis integrated BOB/controller and never got one with all 5 axes working properly, after a refund I remembered why I like seperates for HiFi - one bad unit doesn't scrap your whole system, you can swap-out to locate a fault and if something is really important you can keep a spare and use it without messing with the bits which work.

- Nick

25-12-2017, 02:57 PM
Originally I brought a 3020 machine and that has lasted 3 years with very heavy use. It's the bearings and stepper motors that are giving up, the control board has always been fine.

Love the 6040 with the bigger work area and the control board seems fine so far, no issues with axis reliability.

I think I found the control board specs looks like it is a JP-3163B or variation of this. Looks the same.
Last night I rewired the inside of the control box to add plugs for Limit switches and Spindle direction / speed. I think I have found some documentation showing where to connect and it looks like I have to mess with some jumpers as well, so hopefully I'm making progress.

If and when I get this going I will do a post showing how it all worked.

Then I really need to finish my custom machine as the parts have been semi assembled for over a year now LOL

Boyan Silyavski
28-12-2017, 01:35 PM
This is "throw it in the bin" board. Do yourself a favor and buy a proper supported one. That's the reality of it.