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27-12-2017, 11:25 AM
Hi im new to this forum so please bear with me
I have a 1996 haas vf6 in great condition*
I am trying to drip feed to it as some of my programs are up to 90mb using a stand alone pc next to the cnc i am using remo dnc by easy dnc
I have all the settings right according to many online posts ive read but i keep getting various error codes*
Parity error
Framing error
Invalid code (even though the program has ran before)
The machine stops moving in xyz but the spindle keeps going
I contacted haas uk to see about a memory upgrade so i didnt have to dnc but they told me i had to replace the whole control pendant at a cost of 12 grand uk sterling
This seems mad for more memory so i dont have to dnc*
Has anyone any experience with the usb to parallel port things you see online where the little gadget replaces the pc see link below from shopfloor automations Usa

Shop Floor Automations - Shop Floor Hardware - CNC Solutions*... b-connect/

Also can the memory be upgraded at a more sensible cost*
You would think it would be a replacement mother board and new memory chip but certainly not 12 grand
All and any help is massively appreciated

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