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05-01-2018, 12:48 AM
Hi there, surprisingly I hadn't taken the plunge in buying a cnc machine until recently when my wife came across one on the internet and asked why I haven't got one of these as it would help me out... Then she saw the pricing of them but she had already twisted my wrist at this point (not very hard) and I purchased a CNC 6040 from Germany via Ebay (£800)

I am totally new at this side of the workshop and discovered the daunting software side to it all and I am currently stuck trying to get the machine to work all together.

I am at the moment a simple wood crafter doing fairs here and there and doing requests for customers with gifts, décor and odd jobs but want to get into the business side of a fully independent work shop.

I hope I get the knack for this otherwise the wife will kill me...

So many ideas I need to make real but don't know how to yet but that's me at this moment.

Pallet Lad