View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: In Lincoln and new to CNC

12-02-2018, 03:24 PM

I'm Dave and live in Lincoln. I'm new to CNC (well I did write a simple programme at college many years ago...) and want to get into it as I tune two stroke bikes. I would like a CNC machine to cut different combustion chamber designs for testing along with other cool stuff you could do with these machines. Clearly I need to learn Fusion 360 too!

Currently I can weld chambers up and machine them with a form tool in the lathe but I see having a CNC machine would make life much easier and accurate.

Testing is then carried out on my Fuchs motorcycle dyno.

I just missed out on the Mikini 1610 that was on Ebay... if I'd been a few days earlier I'd have got it but that's how it goes sometimes... I'm was after a Denford Triac and looks capable of machining combustion chambers but I'll just have to see what comes up.

I like building 2 stroke expansion chambers too and after years of doing lobster back headers I have just started experimenting with hydroforming.

So there you go - that's about me. Hopefully I can find a CNC machine and get it in the garage soon to help make even more power on my Suzuki X7.