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24-03-2018, 04:36 PM
I have a hobby type CNC which I use to mill quite a bit of aluminium for hobby use. I live in a rented flat so doing this work without damaging the property or disturbing neighbours required a dedicated set up. This setup consists of following:

1. A sound proof box for CNC.
2. A sound proof box/storage for vacuum cleaner
3. A sound proof, and forced ventilation box for the compressor

I built all of the above my self and used them for past two years without a single complaint from my neighbours. I even mill aluminium at night..

I am leaving UK now so none of these are required anymore so thought of selling them. Please see below for more descriptions and photos for each item.

Sound proof box
This is a sound proofing box for any CNC machine which has similar dimensions to 6040 machine.
I was able to do all my hobby work while staying in a tight flat without disturbing any neighbour by using this sound proofing box.

I made this box my self using 18mm MDF sheets. They are attached using heavy duty L brackets. Each joint is sealed using silicone. Inside the box are two layers of sound proofing foam tiles (except bottom panel). Bottom panel has single layer of sound proofing foam tile and a sheet of 18MM MDF.

Inside the box there is one light bulb holder and two 13A plug bases. Power to these are controllable separately by two switches situated outside the box. (see photos)

To enable closing and opening door faster, there are three electrical magnets attached to the main frame which can keep the door firmly closed. Apart from these magnets, normal pull locks are also provided to secure the door.

In the bottom panel, a hole of around 50mm diameter is provided to route a vacuum hose. (See pics). In my setup, this box sits on top of another box that has a similar hole aligned to this one. A vacuum cleaner is put inside the other box and these holes allow me to route the vacuum hose to sound proof box directly.

Please see photos to better understand what is available.

Please note that following items are not included:

1. The CNC machine
2. The vacuum hose or cleaner
3. item organizers attached to sides of the box

Please see my other items that include a sound proof box to contain a vacuum cleaner and another complicated box for an air compressor.

Only available for collection. You may want to check https://www.anyvan.com to arrange your own delivery.

I no longer need this because I am leaving the country and will not be needing this box in the new location.

Building something like this is costly and takes considerable amount of your time, so the price I am setting is very reasonable.
Viewing is welcome. I can demonstrate the effect of sound proofing during viewing.

Air compressor sound proofing box
This box is also sound proof. It is made of two compartments, lower one for the compressor and upper one with lots of smaller chambers. It is fitted with a high air flow fan which suck air out of the compressor box and pushes them through a vent in upper chamber. Iíve used Aldi 50L air compressor inside this box initially. Them I changed to a bit less silent one such as this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SILENT-AIR-COMPRESSOR-50L-OIL-FREE-230V-1200W-150-L-min-8-Bar-72-dB-5-3-CFM/173016705291?hash=item284899690b:g:AXEAAOSwuLZY0Qq 1
With the above one, it was exceptionally silent. My washing machine was 10 times noisier.

Vacuum cleaner box
I had my CNC box sit on top of this vacuum cleaner box. There is a hole in the bottom panel of the CNC box which align with a similar hole in the top panel of this vacuum cleaner box. I had vacuum cleaner hose routed through these two holes to the inside of CNC box directly. This allowed me to such any chips/dust directly to the vacuum cleaner while CNC was in operation without leaking sound. The vac box has two compartments. Left lest compartment can hold a fairly large compressor and is sound proofed. It also has two 13A power outlets inside. A switch located outside can be used to switch on/off power to this outlet. The right chamber is not sound proofed and used as a storage. This whole box sits on top of 8 heavy duty wheels, so it can be moved easily.

All of the above are made of 18mm MDF.

I am willing to sell all three of these for £250. This is a very reasonable price when my effort is also taken in to account.

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