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01-04-2018, 01:32 PM
Hi I'm Dom and I'm a CNCholic .......

Actually, I started building a machine 8 years or so ago, got distracted and every now and again do a little bit more then get distracted again. I was involved in a huge CNC prototype build back in the early 90's which was fascinating and we ended up showing it at the NEC as it was cutting edge stuff back then.

I work as a senior electronics engineer so have plenty of access to interesting stuff at work but also ran my own business in electronics for 12 years which was when I decided to make a simple MDF PCB drilling machine to help.

Never quite finished it but getting the urge to build something a bit beefier and useful.

It doesn't help that my best mate at work is also into CNC and spends most lunch breaks watching CNC videos .......

Anyway - I'll lurk for a while and if I find time to carry on building stuff will post some pics up :)