View Full Version : cncdoctor.co.uk Boxford tcl 125 conversion

14-10-2018, 05:01 PM
Seems like as good a place as any to post this question/discussion.

I have old Boxford tcl125 converted either using components from or by cncdoctor.co.uk

As far as i am aware they a re no longer in business, its a really nicely done mach conversion.

Im trying to figure out what each of the various boards and components are within the machine, and there is scarce info on the above companies products. so finally i thought i would ask here.

Does anyone have data sheets for any of the above company's break out board, step/direction to dc motor driver board etc etc or point me to a repositiory that may exist of their various solutions.

The end game is to "upgrade" to an Acorn system with a Servo spindle, its a hard decision though. everything works perfectly as it is so stripping out this system entirely just doesnt feel right to me at the moment. I suppose what i want to do is have as much info on the cnc doctor kit to at least try and keep as much of this system as it is right now. and only replace what is nessasary.

Imk sure there must be a whole load of these conversions out there so maybe to compile a collection of the data sheets wopuld be helpful to someone else out there too.

I'll put some pics up later of my machine