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09-11-2018, 09:36 PM
Hi everyone,

First let me thank all the posters on this site for giving me ideas and inspiration to try and design and soon build a working CNC router. Special thanks to Neale and his AVOR build /Clive S for his help and offer to assist me ( hope to visit you in future ) / routercnc for his build videos, gave me help with planning with epoxy.

I wanted to try something a little different by making a removable aluminium bed so it could be used as a plasma cutter - hence project Medusa. Its 2 things rolled into 1.

Anyways here are a couple of CAD drawings so I could get some pointers and feedback on areas I could improve or change. It is not finished as I have to design bolting holes / plasma holder etc.

The main body is 60x60x4mm steel welded - the end plates are 20mm Aluminium and the Z axis is a mixture of 20mm and 15mm aluminium. - sorry the ball screws are not on the picture - my computer slows down to a halt if I show them -

I will update this post as it progresses.

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UPDATE..11.11.18 cost and quality are important.

Ok here is my list of electrical / mechanical parts I have in my planning stage so far.

1) BALLSCREWS ...1610 or 2010 x and y axis / 2005 or 1605 on the z.

2) LINEAR RAIL... usual aliexpress ones.

3) MOTORS...4x Nema 23 3nm

4) DRIVERS...4x Am882 or Em806 or anything better ?

5) MOTION BOARD...1x Csmio ip/m ? ( is there anything better as I have 2x motors on X and is there a problem with auto homing ?? Sorry I am new to all this.

6) BREAKOUT BOARD.. Not sure... depends on motion board ???

7) PSU... I have no idea re this at all and dont fully know the parts in the 68v build video. Can I buy 24v and 68v supply and what amp and watt do I need ?

8) SOFTWARE... I have acess to Mach 3 / 4 and Aspire Vcarve also.

9) SPINDLE... 3kw water cooled and VFD.

Many thanks again and take care.


Please can I have any constructive feedback on my design and items selected, everything is just in the planning phase still.

17-11-2018, 12:54 PM
I am probably going to put this build on hold for the time being and concentrate on a Mill and a CNC conversion. I will still be designing the router side of things too but I have too much steel I want to mill first.

At least with a Milling Machine I can use it to make parts for a CNC conversion and Router as its usable right from purchase. A router to have good strength and accuracy would take far longer to become operational.

*thanks Neale for helping me decide*

(does anyone know how you can tag people into your post? )

regards and stay safe everyone