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26-11-2018, 04:58 PM

I'm relatively new to the forum and posted just a couple of times.

I've just bought a Boxford CNC router for the batch production of small hardwood items.

I'm sure this has already been discussed, but can anyone with experience of the fine finishing of hardwoods recommend a good source for tooling.

Would I be better using a 10mm or bigger shank,rather than a 6mm? I've told that this will lessen vibration and some noise.

Any tips as to how to get a good finish would be much appreciated. Also any thoughts on a good source of information on the subject, online or books.

Many thanks,


02-12-2018, 06:03 AM
Hi, tools for hardwood routing, solid carbide spiral tools are widely used, but PCD diamond bits get a much better performance.

02-12-2018, 09:27 AM
Hi Ricocnc,

Thanks for your reply.

Some solid carbide I have and I'll see how they go. The diamond PCD are a new to me, I'll check them out.

All the best,