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12-01-2019, 11:03 AM

Totally new to CNC routing but looking to buy something along the lines of a Denford 2600 pro for small scale woodwork which is basically profiling one face of a panel of hardwood no bigger than 300 x 100mm, imagine simple waves across a surfaces, screen shot should help.




Denford have been great with their assistance but as a total beginner I was wondering if there are any other companies I should be considering, any help much appreciated. The machine will be used at home so am looking for a machine with good extraction and undercover so to speak and it won't be getting too much of a hammering, I suspect I would be using it 4 or 5 days every month for 4-6 hrs per day.



26-01-2019, 11:05 PM
Hi, I have just signed up to list a Denford Compact 1000 I have for sale. If you were interested in it I could spend a bit of time running through how it operates and the software. Ill put the add in the for sale bit but here is the jist and a link to a video of it running. (generally the extraction originally used with the Denford machines was a numatic (henry type) vac with appropriate filters). Noise specs for the machine are in the manual (link lower down)

There is a video of the machine running and cutting here https://youtu.be/81ufnGRKTNM I disabled the guard on the door so I could film it easier (no reflection)

What is included:
Denford Compact 1000 CNC router
Dell 760 PC with a clean install of Win7 Pro, 4gb RAM.
17 monitor
USB and power leads
The Compact 1000 comes with the cutter which is fitted
I do not have the collet spanners
6 T nuts slotted into the bed.
Denford software included:
VR milling V5 with licence file. This is the machine control software using G-Code. You can import DXF files and use the program to set up the machine paths from 2D drawings then control the machine, or you can open G-Code files generated in QuickCAM Pro (or other software e.g. Fusion 360, or Deskproto).
QuickCAM Pro with licence file. This is the Post processor, you can open STL files from 3D drawings and set up machining paths, post processing into the required G-Code files for VR milling.
QuickCAM 2D Design (2D CAD design software) with licence file.

Specification of the Compact 1000 (copied from the manual available here http://www.denfordata.com/bb/download/file.php?id=1787).

Safety Features:
Manual operation, totally enclosed, interlocked, safety guard door.
Emergency stop button.
Toolpath graphics to verify part programs prior to machining.

Mechanical Details:
Travel X axis 400mm (15.7).
Travel Y axis 240mm (9.05).
Travel Z axis 110mm (4.3).

Machine Length 845mm (33).
Machine height 675mm (26.5).
Machine depth - door closed 750mm (29.5).

Machine weight 90 KG (198 lb).

Electrical Details:
Mains supply required:
220/240Volts, 50Hz, 8 Amps.
Spindle motor: 1.3 kW
Spindle Speeds: 0 - 23,000RPM.
Axis stepper motors

Rapid traverse rate up to 5000 mm/min (197 in./min)
Max Feed traverse rate up to 5000 mm/min (197 in./min)
The Compact 1000 is ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping materials
There are a couple of marks in the bed (see photo) from its previous owner, this was used in a school situation for the F1 in schools program. It has been cleaned, all lead screws and travels lubricated and a new filter fitted to the fan.

Let me know Pete