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31-03-2019, 12:31 AM

I'm very new to the CNC world. I just bought a machine and got it running yesterday. I primarily bought the machine cut profiles out of particle board, I have done a few tests and made out OK, but I'm using old bits and the old router that came with it (Porter Cable 890 2-1/4 HP) it started off OK but I might have pushed it too much and it doesn't sound to great anymore. I'd appreciate some advice on where to go from here. Keeping in mind my main concern right now is cutting parts from particle board 1/2" - 3/4" (I bought this for work and have orders to fill soon).

1. My first thought was to replace the router with the Porter Cable 7518 (3-1/4 HP). Will this hold up for what I want to do? It is a simple solution for me, just have to change the mounting plate and I'm off and running, but if you think it will burn out in a month I don't want that. If I could get a couple of years out of it that would be great.

2. When cutting particle board (not MDF) what is the best bit to use? How many flutes, up cut down cut, spiral, straight? I assume 1/4" dia or can I go 1/8"? It doesn't need to be a perfect cut but not real rough either (tried a 2 flute up cut and it was to rough for my liking...but maybe a feed speed adjustment would help?)

3. With particle board should I run the router at high or low RPM? Approximately what should the feed speed be?

4. With particle board how deep should I be cutting each pass? Is 1/4" reasonable?

Sorry if the questions seem a bit pathetic but I want to start off right with this and not regret getting into this.

Thanks for the help