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06-10-2009, 10:27 PM
For those who are using even the Demo version of V23. First set up your preferences both the system and job (as this will become default in the job file) after you have installed and running for first time. Then close out of V23 and re open. For those who are running the standard or Pro versions. Then go to your desktop and open the BobCAD folder and set-up your machine. Also at this time set-up Predator software. Than close out of the set-up files and also close V23 and re open. Things will run proper from there (or should).

The Demo is based off of Pro and you won't get all the features back until you buy pro plus some add ons. HSS Pocketing is an add on. Art and V-Carve are add ons lathe, Mill, & EDM are seperate (water, lazer are included in mill). The Mach3 OEM into BobCAD is buying a BobCAD Socketed seat of Mach3 (in reality setting you up for doing DNC which the Predator will do for you if you all ready have Mach3)

As I figure anything else that might help fellow users out will let you know. Yes this means i have upgrade to V23 and it has some serious abilities to it.


14-10-2009, 09:18 PM

V23 comes in Parts. The parts are as listed:

V23 Standard Mill, Lathe, EDM, Plus Art as an add on

V23 Pro for the above with art and additional levels to the OEM Predator editor and VNC software, High Speed Pocketing is separate. V carve comes with BobArt. and the direct to feed (DNC type set up) Mach3 is a separate module.

from the way they have set up the modules it looks like they plan on working with V23 for sometime and upgrading it instead of going to V24 in a year or two.


The VNC is very nice and very accurate. It has already saved me from having to cut about six prototypes which would be six hours cutting time plus set up.

On a secondary note you don't need to input a tool and should have the offsets off in Mach3 when running code generated by V23 if you have set your machine up proper in BobCAD they Gcode does it for you.