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Robin Hewitt
07-10-2009, 09:15 AM
Thought I'd make the new spindle lock arm for my mill last night, a simple 2D outline in 1" thick steel. 9 cuts on a 2.8mm increment with a 3/4" end mill.

All went swimmingly until the last cut when the tool suddenly went red hot and blew it's edge. It had dropped below the suds jet and wasn't getting quite enough.

Couldn't find the replacement tool, sure I've got one.

Tried to buy a replacement and found J&L who sell them still had my old shipping address.

Couldn't change the address because they want letterhead. Created letter head and faxed in the address change request.

Got an email to say the promo on the tools I'd put in the shopping basket expired in 24 hours.

Some days it just isn't meant to be :whistling:


Robin Hewitt
07-10-2009, 10:54 AM
Things are looking up after a couple of phone calls to J&L customer services.

Got 3 at 10.67 which is not bad for a 3/4" HSS 4 flute on a reduced screw shank. Next day DHL for 4.95

The mill came with a screw shank collet chuck and I have become strangely attached to this particular cutter for some bizarre reason that I can't quite seem to fathom.

I usually throw them away when they become blunt. Hopefully I will remember to turn the speed down a couple of notches before resuming the cut :whistling: