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Mike F
30-10-2007, 08:03 PM
Hi all,

Took early, semi-retirement in July, from teaching Design Technology so should have a few minutes to spare for CNC stuff. Work for just two days a week doing examination admin - keeps a few pence rolling in :D

Recently finished a homebuilt CNC router/mill that is somewhat unique in that it hangs off the wall. It has a work area of 1800mm x 600mm and has been fully logged on CNCzone and is still mounted in school at the moment untill I get my new, extended workshop finished at home. Just bought a Syil 4 axis CNC machine to compliment my big one. Having a few problems with overheating at the moment and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Still a bit of work to do on the workshop and I can't wait to see some chips flying.


Lee Roberts
31-10-2007, 08:03 PM
Hey!, i'm in Wigan !

Welcome to the forums, if you can post your build log for us to look at. i did see it on the "zone" i did wonder if it would stay on the wall nice idea good use of space mate!


Mike F
01-11-2007, 03:04 PM

My wife hails from Wigan - it's funny but on all the CNC forums, I had not found anyone else from the Northwest of England, you're the first to admit it :D

I won't post the whole of my build here but can include a link to it, it is: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6840 It is all but complete and really what I need to do now is to move it from school into my new workshop and start doing some serious work. I've had a few problems with my new, Syil SX3 4 axis CNC mill but I think we have traced the fault to a dogey PSU that gets a bit iffy when it gets warm. It is supposed to give out 48v but after about twenty minutes this drops to 25v and the drives fault through lack of juice.

I will try and pop in as often as possible but with so many forums to keep up to date, it may be quite difficult. I have to say that had it not been for CNCzone, and forums like this, I would never have built my own and it has been a tremendous experience.

All the best,


Lee Roberts
03-11-2007, 12:27 AM
Well what do you know !

My Wife is also from wigan, i'm from london, lived in milton keynes for 10 so years then met Jackie (wife) then we moved back to wigan for the last 5 years !

Let me know what you plan on doing for the PSU problem, i'v just sourced all the parts to build my own psu/controller unit. I cant wait to get them all and start building it !

i'v poped a pic on of a box i'm going to use as a base to my design, its going to be alot like the one in the pick but i'm adding a few other goodies to it just because i can so i'd be very intrested in helping you if you needed me to or even to build you the same style box with componets to match what you need.

Yea linking to cnczone is no problem here its all about helping poeple as much as we can and learning from others !, this forum was started in inspiration of visitng the cnczone.

While the "zone" is ram'packed with information we couldn't understand why there was no major UKCNC forum and so mycncuk was started !

Speak to you soon !

Mike F
04-11-2007, 11:52 PM

Syil UK sent me up another PSU and its working fine. They sent it by next day courier - I must say, the service so far has been brilliant. All four axes are now running great and I can't wait to start machining something.

The control box for my homebuild is already done, up and running OK but thanks for the offer. Electronics is not, no way, never one of my strong points but I am fortunate in having a friend just a few doors up who is an electronic guru :)


Lee Roberts
05-11-2007, 12:10 AM
ok mate np's, make sure you show us your machine working ! i.e pics :). Thanks for the name drop on Syil UK i'v added them to the site Links Database and i'm looking on the site now.

We could do with a few more lecys on here bring your mate "The Spark" over to the forums if hes up for it i know ill have questions for him/her. :P

PS. I also requested the details on that 3mm MDF, i havnt looked yet but if you havnt already could you post the details for me please mate !

Mike F
25-12-2007, 06:47 PM

Apologies, I hadn't realised it has been that long since I last visited. Too many forums to look at :)

3mm MDF - also 2mm and 4mm from same supplier. I will have to wait a little to get the full details but this may get you started. The company we use is called Lawcris and is based in Leeds, I think. They were at least 50% cheaper than our local supplier in Liverpool. Try googling the name, I'm sure it will come up.

All the best for Chrimbo and the new year - it's sad that I'm typing this on Christmas day but I've got to stop now as Dr Who is about to start :)


Lee Roberts
17-01-2008, 02:11 PM

Dr Who ?