View Full Version : CNC is unresponsive to x y z movenment manually

29-02-2020, 01:35 AM
Hey guys

I'm relatively new to cnc world and need a bit of help to get my machine running again.

Started to get an issue with the auto tool zero. it would plunge faster then usual and would not stop when touching plate and
would try to keep going down. Other times it would stop when touching plate but would go up all the way until would reach the highest point
and would keep trying to go up until you stop it manually.

I had a simular issue in the past that was sorted by replacing the z motor cable. I changed the cable but that did not sort it. I changed the main board,
but problem remained. I replaced stepper drive for Z and suddenly I can't use keyboard to change X Y Z. If I tell the machine to go to Home coordinates
in Mach 3 i does with no problem, if use auto tool zero, the problem is still there. The link to the gear that i use is here http://www.cnc1.eu/en/profi4-controller.htm

Any idea what could be the issue?

Thank you