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22-12-2009, 09:56 AM
Heya folks

I've just got back into the CNC thing after 25 years away! (I used to play about with a small CNC lathe at school and really enjoyed it).

Now I work as a carpenter for a small high quality cabinet making business. I have been there 12 months now and my boss has been having a lot of trouble with production costs through mistakes.

The guy the guy I used to work for (a metal fabricator) has just built himself a very nice CNC plasma machine (it is superb! he gets 0.25mm accuracy over 2.4m table!).

So, being a bright spark, I suggested to my boss he buy (or we build) a CNC router which could save him time money and materials.

The next thing I know he's only gone and bought an 8 turret head Thermwood C40 router!

Now I have to make good my promise and make it work for him!

In order that I can have a bit of practice at home with the CAD-CAM side I bought a Proxxon MF70 CNC conversion by MAX CNC with an SMC 800 controller card. I just couldn't get this to work properly (thanks tho Hood) so I scrapped this card and bought a cheap 5 axix 6560 chinese bob,driver card. Which I have now connected succesfully to my computer via MACH3. I have also bought BobCAD-CAM V23 for the CAM side. And that's about as far as I've got so far.

Sorry for the essay!

Thanks Jolyon:wink:

22-12-2009, 10:40 AM
That Bobcad v23 seems a bit pricey to just try out!


22-12-2009, 09:35 PM
That Bobcad v23 seems a bit pricey to just try out!


true...but maybe not if your boss is paying for it (training budget, tax deductable)

23-12-2009, 10:04 AM
Heya folks BobCAD V23 is not as pricey as you might think!

The website quotes whack prices however if you talk to one of their (very enthusiastic) sales guys (I dealt with Kevin Hughes khughes@bobcadsales.com) you can cut some MAJOR reductions. I got BobCAD-CAM and BobArt V23 single user for $300! I am of course only using this software at home.

If you go through Kevin mention my name.

Cya, Jolyon

Oh yeah, I got my little Proxxon to engrave the back of a CD case yesterday with the Roadrunner!:yahoo:

Phil Gravett
04-02-2011, 12:24 PM
Hi noyloj, I am in process of converting a MF70 and wondered if you know what your motors are. I was going to get a Gecko 540 driver but need to match up motors first. Thanks. Phil.