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13-01-2010, 02:22 PM
Hi folks,

I am being offered BobCAD CAM V23 Mill + the Art Module and Alibre Design Professional V12 for equal money ...

I have done no Draughting work since Tech Drawing at school, which was several decades ago.

My main use as far as drawing stuff goes will be designing assorted objects in wood, both flat work and 2.5D. I am also thinking of using a 4th Axis for the Mill I am planning. Oh and am (by hook or by crook) fitting my Wood Lathe with basic CNC as well.

In your opinion which would suit me more? Or do you know of anything better. My budget does not run to AutoCad, Solidworks, Rhino etc.

Yes I know ... horses for courses and all that. I am wondering about ease of use, learning curves, support etc.