View Full Version : Silent compressors, get me every time

Robin Hewitt
29-03-2010, 04:17 PM
Those poor foo..., er, wonderful people at PayPay sent me a 20% discount chit worth up to 70 :heehee:

Got a brand new Bambi silent compressor for the workshop so I don't have to turn on ol' noisy if I only need the odd puff.

Made the same mistake as last time :whistling:

I add the oil while watching the sight glass, 5 minutes after I stop pouring it drains down and puts it past the mark.

Now syphoning of the excess at one small drip every other second or so :eek:
They are nice though :beer:

30-03-2010, 01:01 PM
Not quite the same mistake as I made with my silent compressor - which is never look in the 'oil level' viewing bulb, hear the thing sieze & then have to make a clandestine tip to the tip to release come CFC into the atmosphere by ripping a compressor out of a discarded fridge to fix it!

Robin Hewitt
30-03-2010, 02:31 PM
a clandestine tip to the tip to release come CFC into the atmosphere

They got the equipment to measure the ozone layer in to orbit, watched it go half way through it's natural cycle, then banned the cheap CFC before it could complete.

Co-incidentally the patent on the cheap stuff was just about to expire. The lobbyists managed to get the new laws passed in the nick of time and profit margins were saved.

Unnecessary fridge mountains and expensive alternative refrigerants were an unfortunate spin off, but profit margins were saved :dance: