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18-05-2010, 04:00 PM
I was a member of the cnczone forum and to be honest don't know why i posted on there site had no replies....
I have aquired a wood work cnc machine that was a 2 head 8 x 5 cnc machine. It was used with the amc3 stepper but since i have got hold of it i have had a friend help to minimze the cable clutter from the old control box. I am having problems with this now and hence why i am here :) the following is the txt that I have posted on teh cnc zone site hope i get better response here :)

Hello everyone http://www.cnczone.com/forums/images/smilies/confused.gif
I have a 8 x 5 wood cutting cnc machine I am in the process with a friend of getting this machine working again. the machine has 2 cnc heads and is 3 axis. I have a NEE AMC3 controller.

I am being halped by David who has knowledge in cnc's (was going to make a diy machine)

The machine has been upgraded in the past by the company NEE? Original big bax had redundant drivers in there. So what David has decided is to trace everything back up and work with the AMC3 controller for now? But we think maybe it could be bypassed?

As i am new to the cnc world i need help I have a few quetions below,

1. Can the machine work without the AMC3 CONTROLLER?
2. Do I have to have more software to get the machine to work? I have GPS software included.
3. Basic question Connection to pchttp://www.cnczone.com/forums/images/smilies/confused.gif serial port?

This is a project that i am really looking for help with please any info would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

18-05-2010, 04:42 PM
Hi there,

Welcome ... I can't help you as I am only just starting down the CNC road but there are some really great folks on here and their depth of knowledge is phenomenal ... so I am sure someone will assist you.

Lee Roberts
19-05-2010, 10:45 AM
Hi and welcome.

19-05-2010, 02:02 PM

I dont think you'll find too much knowledge about the specifics of your machine, however the AMC3 controller (http://www.burny.com/amc3.html) (made by ITT) is a 2 or 3 axis controller with integral 5A 60V stepper drivers as an option, or it can drive external drivers. It does not support encoders but does provide an analogue voltage output for spindle speed control, two relay outputs for spindle power switching and two 'solenoid' outputs which I would guess are used for tool control.

If the controller you have has the internal driver option (steppers connected direct to the AMC3) then you will need to replace the AMC3 with a PC running MACH3 or EMC2 and provide suitable stepper drivers - which drivers will depend on your stepper motors, but ones from the MDS range sold by Zapp Automation and others would probably fit the bill. You will also need a breakout board that can supply the necessary relay and analogue speed contol outputs.

If you have external drivers (AMC3 controller NOT directly connected to the steppers - although it seems this is the least likely option), then MACH3 or EMC2 as above should be able to drive them directly, with the same breakout board requirements.

I dont know what you mean by GPS software (I know what GPS is, but not in this context lol). It seems the AMC controller can accept G-codes via a serial connection so if you can get it working you should be able to load files into it from a PC, although what the process is I have no idea (looks liek there's a proprietary WinAMC software package to remote control the AMC3 from a PC) - there are manuals available on the ITT website but you have to apply for them.

Additional software you will need is a CAD tool (autocad, etc) to draw your product in and generate DXF files, a CAM tool to create the machining instructions (g-code) from the Drawing files (e.g. CamBam, etc.) and some way to load that file into the AMC3.

Hope that helps..