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Robin Hewitt
26-05-2010, 12:46 PM
Moving to Windows 7, turned it's node up at my ancient AutoCAD R14, went looking for a cheap 64 bit alternative.

Found ProgeCAD, downloaded a demo version and it is so AutoCADdy it knocked my socks off. Opens an R14 drawing no question and everything seems to work, even my favourite whacky AutoCAD commands. All totally familiar. The mouse scroll wheel zooms which is a big improvement, maybe PICKADD will stop resetting itself to zero on a whim like it does on R14.

They do a dongle version, install as many copies as you like, only the one with the dongle in works. If you turn to page 2 of their shop you find that you can upgrade from other peoples software. I upgraded from TurboCAD12 (bought it on a special offer, never got on with it, never used it) but it got me 80 off the price of Proge, only 255 c/w dongle. You can get the single install, dongle free version for even less.

If you are an AutoCAD freak and want to upgrade but don't like the price, I suggest you try the 30 day ProgeCAD free trial. (11 minute download on Broadband).

www.progecad.co.uk (http://www.progecad.co.uk)

Will let you know if I find any problems. Only difference I have found so far is that blipmode leaves it's little crosses where the mouse is rather than following the ortho constraint. There must be more :whistling:


John S
26-05-2010, 01:04 PM
They did do a completely free lite version at one time ?

No longer on their website but available from here.


Robin Hewitt
26-05-2010, 03:10 PM
ProgeCAD Smart is still available but an earlier revision. I didn't like the strings attached.