View Full Version : FOR SALE: Mini Mill Z-Axis stuff

17-06-2010, 10:00 PM
Hi all,

Finally in this round of clearing out, I have some bits and pieces removed from the Mini Mill head, which were originally used for manual Z axis adjustment. There is the hand 'wheel', the fine adjustment wheel, a gibb strip and some other parts, please have a look at the photo. Also are a couple of gears, that from memory, came out of the original motor to spindle drive chain.


Again, these parts came off of a http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=2636 - Mini Mill head. This stuff is moderatly light weight, so could be posted.

Price: open to offers, I dont want the bits to go rusty and become scrap.

thanks for looking.

Paul from Poole.