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12-07-2010, 05:56 PM
Minor, somewhat annoying problem (I searched but didn't find anything). I'm trying to get oriented in hobbyist CNC, and bought a decent low-end minimill kit knowing I'd likely replace bits after getting the hang of things. So the leadscrews are not "proper" leadscrews but just 1/4" 20tpi threaded rod--and frankly that's perfectly OK for my learning needs at the moment.

Only problem is, it's a US-based kit (from the last place I lived; felt like I should support the home team and I'm moving back to the colonies, as it were, in September). And one 13.5" section of threaded rod was bent in shipping, and I'm missing about 15-20 "#10/24" ANSI standard machine screws.

No problem except everything over here is metric, as one would suspect, and proper local CNC merchants like Zapp and Marchant Dice have no truck with cheap threaded rod (I asked); I also can't find ANSI-standard machine screws here, which makes sense.

But I'm sure there's a way. I know the "proper" thing to do is get good ballscrews etc, and I'm sure I'll do that eventually, but I want to play around a bit first and get a better idea of what I really need and how things work. I could also get things shipped from the US, but I'm worried about another bent screw. Are there any merchants in the UK that would stock US/ANSI threaded rod and machine screws?

V. Putz

13-07-2010, 01:33 PM
This place stocks some 'english' threaded parts:


Could you substitute M8 1.25 rolled SS threaded in place of the 1/4 UNC ? Plenty of places sell it online (tip: buy three lengths when they tape it together it'll be strong enough to stop the postman bending it ;))


09-08-2010, 12:02 PM
Bit late to respond to this, but wanted to log just in case someone else has the same trouble. Getting small quantities was a little annoying, but I bought a piece of UNC allthread off GWR fasteners (an ebay shop), and some 1/4-20 machine screws from "Stig's Stainless Fasteners" (www.a2stainless.co.uk), both of whom had no trouble with tiny orders. Got my tiny little hobby mill up and running (well, I don't have a spindle yet, so I'm at the "tie a pen to it and try plotting some G-code" just to get the hang of it, but it appears to be working OK).

Thanks for the response; let me to the right searches.