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20-07-2010, 08:39 PM
Hi all,
Well I am at last able to show you my rebuilding of what was a great precision machine based on a micromat PCB machine.
Had been planning on building my own design of cnc machine and had started buying parts as they came up for sale, but found this on e-bay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjqFvLYegx0

As is normal it looked better than using the machine, Z axis was newly made but was so badly put together, motor at an angle to the screw, very limited movement, as was the clamp for a dremel.

The controller was out of this world (Alien) or should I say I wished it was, first thing to go.
Decided to start new with one of Roy’s system 1 (diy cnc ) had a few moments getting the motors to turn but got there in the end.

Made a new Z-axis got it finished last weekend connected electrics to two axis on gantry all working great, now’s the time to refit the two parts together, base to gantry and start making some dust.

All comments welcomed, even constructive/destructive criticism.


20-07-2010, 09:36 PM
Hi Phill,

I'm assuming Dremel type cutter for PCB or very light wood use, based on the clues in your post. I'd say you'll be OK for that with this setup, but a few comments:

Looks like your limit switch inputs are right next to the mains & capacitor. May get false trips outs, see how it goes.

Is the Z axis photo the new one or the old one? Only see 2 screws in each bearing, worth adding 2 more? Only a single pair of bearings, so limited X axis loading. Did the Z axis need to be that wide - supported rail and bearing combo could cope with much narrower and give more travel.

Otherwise, looks good. Keep up the photos . . .

22-07-2010, 07:41 AM
Only a single pair of bearings, so limited X axis loading. Did the Z axis need to be that wide - supported rail and bearing combo could cope with much narrower and give more travel.

Hi, thanks for the comments, the bearing blocks have four screws in each two you cannot see until you look at the back, have been working on the assumption that Z axis load will be only light up /down movement therefore single bearings with thrust bearing each end, loading should be taken on the Z axis linear rails and blocks.
re: the width of the Z axis this is fixed at 215 mm wide, if you look at the vid of the machine before I purchased it, it cuts to the max width of the moving table, so no point in changing to a lesser width would not gain anymore cutting area only lose some rigidity.
I am planning on using a small Elu router not the dremel, for more cutting power, selective cutting speeds, greater range of cutter profiles, to cut wood, metal, plastics, and I will be fitting a diamond drag point for fine engraving.
One thing I am not clued up on is the electrics, I have used 4 core shielded cable for the motors, I have 2 core shielded cable to use on the limits, but not sure how to lay these out, do I set them to the max travel of each axis, or have one end adjustable to use as a Home limit?
Your point of the false trip outs would adding more shielding to the cable as it crosses to the BOB help? as I don't have any more space to get in.


Colin Barron
02-02-2011, 10:24 PM
I hope you are going to refit the covers. These originally came with a Kavo spindle which are good quality, if the inverter unit is still fitted that may be another option. micromat are still supported. Micromat International Overview (http://www.micromat.co.uk/overview.htm)

02-02-2011, 10:50 PM
Thanks for this information, I don't have the Kavo spindle for it I fitted an old Elu router but had to replace it with a Kress 1050e and works really well, in the process of replacing the X Y screws with ball screws, the new rollers & covers are waiting to be fitted.

Colin Barron
03-02-2011, 04:33 PM
If you still have the electronics, they should have a value so don't just bin them