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14-08-2010, 11:10 AM
Hi all,

Firstly thanks for reading and since i'm new here i have to say what a great site!!

I am, after hours of looking at the net, trying to work out where all of the second hand mills go. I just can't afford a new one (sieg x2/x3 preferably) but it seems that a bond must be created between man and machine on delivery, never shall they part!!

I admit i am very atached to my machines but my mill has been letting me down as late, i may be outgrowing it (sieg x0) and so therefore i am looking for something a little more future proof.

If anyone knows of somewhere to get a decent mill at a budget price please let me know, i would be most most most grateful!!!

Thank you all again for reading and cheers to the British potting shed engineers!! :-D

Best regards to all,


14-08-2010, 01:15 PM
How much is a budet price in your eyes?


14-08-2010, 02:59 PM
i regularly get Denford and Boxford cnc mills in, i only have Denford Starmills atm, but i may have a Denford Triac in around mid September

14-08-2010, 03:50 PM
Thank you both for your replies! Talk about quick response! Wow!!

In answer my budget is very low, that is why I am looking at Sieg or Clarke style machines, x1 preferably x2 type capacity. I have a max budget of 300 at a push which I know is not a lot to buy with. Times are very tight as I'm sure everyone knows!

I'm just surprised that these smaller machines don't find their way onto the second hand Market.

I've been hearing horror stories about the x2 driver blowing up lots so it seems odd that people aren't passing them on. I'd happily build a new control circuit.

Anyway, ramble and whine over ;-)

Thanks again :-)


14-08-2010, 06:05 PM
I think you'll struggle to find an X1/X2 at that price...

There are usually a goodly supply of round column machines on ebay, typically the Warco MD30/Clarke 25 which usually have a bigger table than the X1/X2 for around 300 - 400. The dovetail columns rarely appear...

Not sure how big an X0 is, but have you looked at Amadeal's range of machines? I'm sure there's and X1 sized one for under 500 new...

14-08-2010, 07:26 PM
You sometimes get the odd ones on here.


But you have to be quick, the stuff goes off there like wildfire.


18-08-2010, 05:53 PM
Hello again everyone!

The site is back yay! Many thanks for the ideas, i like the look of the machines on amadeal, guess i need to save like mad to try to afford a bigger machine. In the long run and especially if i try to CNC a machine there is no point getting a little machine and finding it underated after all the conversion work. The amadeal 500w dovetail mill looks rather promising for features and size at 498! Anyone looking to guy a used abused kidney!!

I am also keeping my eyes firmly locked on homeworkshop because they seem to have some really good and some unusual deals :-) Many thanks for the pointer to there!

Anyway i have to say you are all so helpful and a pleasure to talk to!

Best regards to all,


20-09-2010, 01:31 PM
Hi Nick,
I have a XJ12-300 from Amadeal (Which is basically an X2 with a longger table and a bit more travel on the Y axes)
I would sell it to you for 300 / 350 if you can come and pick it up from my place... (Bradford West Yorshire).
I am upgrading to something Bigger.