View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Greetings from......France

22-06-2008, 10:29 PM
Hi Everybody,

Just found this forum, must be one of the best kept secrets up there with Lord Lucan!
Yeah, well anyway, I'm in France, have been now for about 5 years. Why France? - cos I can have a bigger workshop:p Though the experienced of you will know that stuff follows you home to fill the available space :rolleyes:

Well I've managed to fill mine with various cnc stuff, mill, lathe, just the normal stuff any good diyer should have...
I've made a router with 1200 X & Y travel, well it's as near as b*gger it finished, I have actualy made things on it.
The trouble with hobbies is there's always something more important that gets in the way!

The latest is to do some ali casting, well I've got the gear together just haven't had time to do it.
The casting will lead to a westbury model petrol engine thats been on the back burner for more years than I care to admit and an ATC design I've been modelling, but I expect it will be another ten years before I get around to it :rolleyes:

Thats enough wittering


Lee Roberts
23-06-2008, 12:46 PM
Welcome to the forums Steve at last !

Yes the site dosnt seem to be in google very well, hopfully i can sort that ;-).

Cant wait to see your build logs of the things your working on, we have a free gallery here so you can use that for your pic's ;-)