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09-09-2010, 01:03 PM
Hello. I've registered to spend a while reading to absorb as much information as I can before deciding if actually getting a cnc machine is the right move.

I've been researching for a while.... my main conclusion being that I need to research more!

Initially I'm thinking of milling small wood peices (on the order of 120mm x 120mm x 60mm), drilling the odd aluminium box and perhaps routing PCB's - all for making cases really for DIY Hifi.

However, I'm also a car nut so it's tempting to look for some capability for metalwork, evenif only aluminium.

So that moved me from thinking about gantry style CNC routers to perhaps a small mill - Sieg X2 / Peatol Micro Mill. If the working area is large enough, then such a machine should handle the woodwork/drilling easily, PCB's with a suitable spindle and the odd aluminium part for the car.

I'm leaning towards the Peatol - I like the belt drive as standard, lead screws that can be used for some CNC use without replacing them and just the general impression I get.

But my main conclusion is I'd best spend a lot longer getting a feel for what requires I should use to decide the right machine etc in order to try and get something fairly suitable first time.


09-09-2010, 05:19 PM
Hi turtle and welcome to the site...

If you're serious about the metal cutting a small mill may well be a better bet than a gantry machine... then again can't have too many machines :lol: