View Full Version : servo motor as spindle motor

03-10-2010, 04:03 PM
Hi guys
i am in the middle of converting my mill to beltdrive x2 replica of sorts cheap chineese thing
basicly the motor on it is a load of crap im on my second one lol first one the winds came off

thing is i have a brushed servomotor sat here rated at 2500-3000 rpm 90v
it about the same diamited of my old motor but twice as long also have driver and encoder
but i take it a brushed servo is just a quality DC motor untill you use drivers and encoders

failing that i have a 240v ac lathe motor little bigger in size compaired to the stock motor on my mill but not that much 2700rpm

would like to use the servo motor with drivers /encoders if poss
just want your thoughts???

03-10-2010, 06:42 PM
Interesting idea as i was considering using a servo motor for my next machine, i know the use them on big vmc's but its finding a servo motor that will have a good top rpm as a lot of brushless servos only go to around 3-4k mark failing that you could always 1:2 belt gearing to get 6-8k out of it but i suppose your sacrificing torque..

There is another option, using a vector motor... but i don't know that much about them (yet anyways)