View Full Version : RFQ: Looking for somone to finish conversion Denford Mirac with Mach3

14-10-2010, 08:20 PM
Hi Guys, I have been really struggling for time to get my machine finished as work is a bit manic at the moment.

I need somone to finish my conversion, so far I have the machine setup and working with mach3, x and z axis's work fine, spindle works but not sure the encoder is working 100% as it displays the speed then goes 0 then displays the speed...

The tool turret works but it spins to fast for the software to react quickly resulting in tool changes taking upto 10 minutes. Either the inverter/motor needs sorting to run slower or a stepper motor needs fitting and setting up.

Home and limit switches are connected to a second parallel port but need final setting up in Mach3.

Coolant system needs connecting to 1 of the spare relays and setup with Mach3.

Final testing of the machine and test cuts to be performed.

Full original schematic availible.