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17-10-2010, 07:59 PM
Although there are more threads about the TB6560, I would like this thread into a clear solution how the configuration should look to get it work.
There are people claiming with the timer from the GMFC site have everything work but unfortunately not explain further. I understand that some parallel port pins have to be swapped.
The timer (http://gm.cnc.free.fr/CNC/timer_quartz.zip) is very easy to build. The diagram shows the designated ports. But there is no in and out? How to place this timer (http://gm.cnc.free.fr/CNC/timer_quartz.zip) between the TB6560 and the computer??
Need some help here!!!!

pin TB6560--------------- pin GMFC
2 spindle------------------
4 X enable----------------
1 X dir--------------------2 X dir
16 X step-----------------9 X step
17 Y enable--------------
7 Y dir-------------------4 Y dir
14 Y step-----------------7 Y step
5 Z enable----------------
6 Z dir --------------------6 Z dir
3 Z step-------------------5 Z step
5 C enable----------------
8 C dir-------------------- 8 C dir
9 C step-------------------3 C step