View Full Version : What vice for a Sieg X2?

21-10-2010, 10:38 AM
Finally got my X2 waiting in the workshop, trouble is before I start making swarf I need to get tooled up!

I've been looking around for a vice and I'm frankly bewildered. I took a bit of a gamble and ordered one from Axminster - unfortunately at 4" it's a bit too big and I'm not that impressed with the fit and finish so it's going back.

So I now know that it's probably a 3" vice I want, budget is 50-100 but possibly a smidge more.

I notice a lot of people seem to use the screwless precision type vices like this one on their X2s, this one is sold by Chronos and seems cheap at 65. I assume they're popular for a reason and I like the V grooves for holding round work.


The other one whch has caught my eye also on Chronos (81 this time) is this one which is described as a low profile vice - this sounds good as I know I may struggle for Z axis clearance with larger drills but am I going to miss the extra jaw depth?


Would greatly appreciate some advice from anyone on these or any other vices you might reccomend.


21-10-2010, 09:06 PM
Measure the width of the table, double it, and that is the total overall length of the vice you need. You have half of it hanging over the front of the table. In your case somewhere about 184mm long.

If it comes with a detachable swivel base, take that off before fitting, as all it does is reduce the rigidity of your setup.

The 80mm one of the first ones shown should be ideal. I wouldn't recommend the very last ones.


All you would need to do is to make some hold down clamps.