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26-10-2010, 05:17 PM
Guys i've seen pics of some of you using servos as your spindle (cutter not control), can anybody give me some ideas of how you are controlling them? what drivers etc. I would like to go down the same route and exchange the actual spindle for a Colet chuck. I have to admit looking at brushless, brushed, AC/DC PWM is now doing my head in. It seems you can't find difinitive ideas on what rather than how people are controlling these things. Ideally i would want to plug into EMC2 for the speed control. Fern router at 30k is too much for my ears now and not enough cash for a more expensive solution. I can lay my hand on Servos easy.

What are you using please?

26-10-2010, 11:47 PM

You don't say what size it is your looking for, but as I understand it a servo is just a motor with some form of position/speed device attached to the end for feedback, in my case I just used an ordenary model boat motor for the cutting of PCB's driven by an old battery charger I had lying around. Eventually it will have a PWM speed control device to manage the rpm's and I already have the parts lying around for that and the circuit designed, just needs the pcb cutting.
The chuck body I turned out of round ally stock stuck 3 bearings inside it and turned some round steel bar to fit the bearings with a 1/8" hole in the end, thing is it worked, much to my supprise, although I have no need to take big cuts it did surface the ally table just fine with a 1/4" bit in it. If your asking about the electronic's side I build my own using the circuits on the internet, and there are many to choose from, but the last thing I would do is link it up to the pc.

Hope this helps

27-10-2010, 12:30 AM
Hi Mark

Thanks for the info, i understand what a servo is would just like to know what others are actual using for control of their servo. I do have a plain bearing spindle i built running with an er16 chuck, geared 2:1 to a dc motor as well. This is not a great performer and could do with a bigger motor. The trouble is then it all becomes very large and cumbersome For my intension i will be running at about 6-7k RPM on my 1 X 1.5 machine so a large servo should fit the bill. If i choose right then i should be able to push the shaft out, machine the end to fit a colet nut.