View Full Version : RFQ: Looking for someone to design and build me a cnc pipe router/cutter

07-11-2010, 12:59 PM
Due to JUST being told that we have some big jobs coming up im affraid i may not have time to finnish my CNC Pipe cutter explained in another thread.

So im looking to have someone design and build us one. Contact throughout the project is a must. Although i will be very busy and working away (UK) i will still be more than happy to discuss any ideas or problems. contactable via email on my phone and obviously phone calls.

Project Description:

Machine must be a flying gantry because of limited space
Machine must be able to route different sized holes along a PVC pipe.
Machine must be able to route PVC pipe from 1/2" up to 8"
Machine must be sturdy and good looking
Machine must be accurate

My View of how the machine should work:
The PVC pipe will sit in a rotating chuck whilst the flying gantry does the work. Once the router has cut its holes the pipe will then rotate to start the process on the other side of the pipe.
The pipe is to stay still whilst all cutting is going on. reason being this will cause a chamfer on the cut hole.

im looking for quotes, if you would rather pm me with your quotes then please do so or you can email me on derekhun (at) hotmail.com

Cheers guys.