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26-11-2010, 02:03 PM
Hello Folks,

I've been lurking on this and other CNC forums for a while, thought it was about time I 'showed my face'. I've begun building my own CNC router, I also want to try a bit of REPRAP printing with it also.

I started to build a skate bearing / Ali angle design, but wasn't entirely happy so abandoned it. I've never been able to simply follow instructions, and am always looking to build a better mouse trap.

My new machine is being built on a shoestring, so utilising what I have to hand I've come up with my own design of bearing which looks promising. This should hopefully provide more rigidity and a more compact design while still keeping costs as low as possible.

I'm keeping a build log at my site:- http://www.chickfamily.net

I'd love to hear any comments suggestions or advice on the design.

Many Thanks in advance


26-11-2010, 03:02 PM
Hi Peter

The thing to be aware of in that type of design is any dust that will land on the bearing or track as it becomes compressed and sticks to the bearing surfaces making for a jerky movement.

So make the design to allow for that fact. Comercial machines use bellows to completely enclose running surfaces.

They can be made to measure but are not cheap.

Good luck