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02-12-2010, 06:30 PM
Hello ALL
Iím building my own CNC router, Iíve also refitted a Denford Orca lathe and a Denford mill with new Boards from routout cnc 10amp one to run with mach3 the Lathe is up and running so is the mill
the problem is the router as I said before it is out of 50mm box section with 25mm profile rails on the Y-axis and Z axis from EBay stepper motor from Zapp all run by belts sorry canít post pictures at the moment lost all when pc crashed at the moment the X Axis is running on Ali angle left over from the MDF one the Question is dose Mach 3 run the Z axis slower as I canít get the motor speed up as fast as the X & Y axisís
Looking for some help
Many Many Thanks in advance
The Phoenix