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13-12-2010, 12:08 PM
Hello All!

I am a 36 yo software engineer, living in south-east of France.
I first started with conventional machinery but now I am beginning a CNC mill project.
The machine I have are:
BV20-1 lathe, modified with 3 phase + VFD.
Heavily modified Seig X2: taper roller bearings, belt drive and 3 phase VFD motor.
Both waiting spare time to mount DRO on them.

I didn't want to convert my X2 to CNC as it will not fit the bill in term of work size, and I want to be able to use it manually while working on the CNC.

Since two years I began to purchase second hand CNC pieces, mostly from corea and china: THK HSR linear rails and NSK/japanese ballscrews (aiming for the best for bucks segment). The only "new" parts are the spindle (Arc eurotrade) and probably it's driving VFD as the only spare I have is not well suited for it.

Now I have everything, just need to make the harder part for me: the frame.

Oh and my hobbies: astronomy, photography. But now my main hobby is doing tooling for my tools :whistling: